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Smoking cessation clinic

One You Merton is the Merton health promotion service and they offer a range of options for helping you stop smoking including a wide choice of appointment times. Many local pharmacists also offer smoking cessation services. We host a One You stop smoking clinic in our practice space and there also other One You clinics which take place elsewhere in the Nelson Health Centre.

Useful information & advice

What is in cigarettes?

A cigarette may look harmless enough – tobacco leaves covered in classic white paper. But when it burns, it releases a dangerous cocktail of about 4,000 chemicals including:

  • More than 70 cancer-causing chemicals
  • Hundreds of other poisons.
  • Nicotine, a highly addictive drug, and many additives designed to make cigarettes taste nicer and keep smokers hooked.

For more information on the effects of smoking and what actually happens in your body visit Cancer Research UK.

Passive smoking

Breathing in other people’s tobacco smoke (second hand, passive or involuntary smoking) is known to cause a range of disorders from minor eye and throat irritation through to heart disease and lung cancer. Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of passive smoking and exposure increases the risk of cot death, glue ear, asthma and other respiratory disorders.

Myths; opening a window or restricting smoking to a specific room offers little protection against exposure to passive smoke. Smoke from one cigarette can linger in a room for up to two and a half hours even with a window open. Other measures such as smoking out of a window or smoking next to an extractor fan are equally ineffective at keeping smoke out of the home. Pollution from passive smoke can linger on carpets, furnishings and walls for years. These materials absorb the toxins found in tobacco smoke and gradually release them back into the air, posing an additional risk of exposure.

For help to quit smoking book an appointment for our Smoking Cessation Clinic.

For more information on passive smoking see these websites:

Smoking in pregnancy

Smoking in pregnancy is harmful to you and your baby. It is advised that you stop smoking. It is never too late to stop. Every cigarette you decide not to smoke will help you and baby’s health. Research shows that women who stopped smoking even at the halfway point in their pregnancy gave birth to babies with the same average weight as women who had not smoked at all during pregnancy.

For help and support to quit smoking book an appointment for our Smoking Cessation Clinic.

For more information about smoking in pregnancy see these websites:

Useful websites:

For more information on smoking cessation see these websites: