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Long term conditions

Long term conditions clinic

We have dedicated longer appointments set aside for people with long term conditions.

What is a long term condition?

A long term condition is one that cannot currently be cured but can be controlled with the use of medication and/or other therapies.

Your health your way

Research shows that people with long term conditions who take more control of their health feel more able to cope with their health problem, have better pain management, fewer flare ups and more energy.

Self care can help you make the most of living with your condition, rather than avoiding or missing out on things because of it. Self care puts you in control. Therefore we are committed to working in partnership with you to support you to be as independent and healthy as possible, with support of your careers.

Living with a long term condition can be a daily challenge and can affect people in various ways including their physical functioning, mood and mental well-being and employment potential.  However, tackling the following things can help you make the most of life:

Know your condition

About both the condition and medication. Common long term conditions include:

Self care

Look after yourself in a healthy way – visit this website to get support to help you take control or download this long term condition Self-care toolkit booklet which provides you with some handy tips and skills.

Be aware of support

For day to day living with a long term conditions – use this long term condition assessment tool to find out what help you are entitled to.

Have psycho-social support

From friends and family as well as professionals

Care plan

Have a care plan for flare ups – Ask your doctor/nurse for a care plan if you don’t have one.

Support from your employer

Get support from your employer to help you manage your Long Term Condition at work.

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