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Heart health

INR clinic

If you are on warfarin you will need your International Normalised Ratio (INR) blood level done regularly in our INR clinic. The INR or International Normalised Ratio is the measurement of blood clotting time, for more information please visit NHS.

We run one-stop INR clinics twice weekly, on a Tuesday and Friday morning. Patients on warfarin will be invited to attend, have their finger pricked and the blood tested to determine their clotting (INR) level. The nurse will then alter the dose of warfarin if necessary and arrange the next appointment.

Useful information & advice

Types of heart disease

Cardiovascular risk

Cardiovascular risk scoring gives an estimate of the probability that a person will develop cardiovascular disease within a specified amount of time, usually 10 to 30 years. Because they give an indication of the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, they also indicate who is most likely to benefit from prevention. For this reason, cardiovascular risk scores are used to determine who should be offered preventative drugs such as drugs to lower blood pressure and drugs to lower cholesterol levels.

Check out your cardiovascular risk using this scoring calculator.

If you have a HIGH cardiovascular risk your doctor may recommend you to start on a Statin or aspirin, see these leaflets for more information: