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Fitness for work, driving & travel

Fitness for work

If you have an illness lasting seven days or less you DO NOT require a doctor’s sickness certificate.  Your employer may require you to complete a self-certification form called an SC2 (see below).

If you are off work for more than seven days due to illness, your employer can ask you to give them some form of medical evidence to support payment of SSP (statutory sick pay).

A medical certificate, now called a ‘Statement of Fitness for Work’ from your doctor is strong evidence that you are sick and advises your employer what work you are capable of doing during your illness. However, it is up to your employer to decide whether you are incapable of work.

Statement of fitness to work

The ‘fit note’ was introduced on 6 April 2010. It is a statement of fact from your doctor to advise your employer regarding your fitness to work. With your employer’s support, the note may help you return to work sooner by providing more information about the effects of your illness or injury.

Research evidences show that early return to work, whether at full or reduced duties, is beneficial to your physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

The statement of fitness for work is your evidence and you should give your employer a copy of that evidence, just like any of your other important document like your driver’s licence or a bank statement.

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Fitness for driving

Certain conditions will affect your ability to drive. You will need to inform the DVLA.

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Fitness for travel

Certain medical conditions can affect your ability to fly, however, most do not prevent you from flying as long as your condition is stable and you have made the appropriate preparations. You must inform your travel insurance company of all your medical conditions to ensure you have the appropriate insurance for travel.

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