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Copies of test results

If you are seeing an NHS consultant and they need the results of a test, they may be able to view the results themselves online (tests done at the Nelson Health Centre are all visible to St George’s consultants).

When we make a referral to a consultant we try to include all the relevant results available to us with the referral letter. If you find this not to be the case then we apologise and your consultant should ask their secretary to contact the Practice to request that these results are sent directly to the consultant (this will be handled by one of our administrative team).

If you need a copy of your results for any purpose you can access your own results online (as long as they were requested by the Practice) using EMIS access and can print off the results yourself.

If you require that we access your results and print off a copy for your use then we charge a £10 flat fee as this is a non-NHS service which takes up staff time and prevents them dealing directly with our patients