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View our recent Patient Survey results.

Patient Survey – What You Said

We recently sent out a survey to a sample of over 15,000 of our registered patients, and received 635 replies. Responses to the majority of the questions were very positive. Where the responses where less than positive and patients felt we could do better we have tried to identify the root causes and are now working towards improving these areas.

Please view the full survey report.

The two main areas of concern identified were availability of appointments and getting through on the telephone, especially at busy times.

What we are doing to improve these areas:

We are in the process of recruiting five new non-clinical posts. Of the five posts, three have been appointed already with further interviews taking place over the coming week. We are hoping all posts will be filled and new team members commencing with us in early October. These new members of the team will all be assisting with answering the telephones, and handling patient queries.

We are also continuing to monitor the telephone system with a new “management console”. This will enable us to identify problems and raise technical issues with the system supplier which can then be addressed in a more timely manner.

Additionally we are recruiting two full-time and one part time Physician’s Associate, three new doctors and additional nursing capacity is being created. It is anticipated that these new clinical staff will be in post by the end of October 2015. In the meantime, we have engaged a number of locum doctors to provide additional appointment capacity.

We trust these new appointments and additional administrative roles will go some way to addressing the issues identified in the patient survey and help improve the service we provide to our patients.