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Online services

Important Patient Notice – October 2017

Our on-line access system has been updated by EMIS (Our clinical system provider) and significantly changed. We had no notice of these changes, which happened overnight last night. The changes only really impact our internal processes and should not impact patients currently registered with the service. However, if a patient wishes to change their level of access or wishes to register for the first time there are some implications. New registrations will only be able to book a single appointment using Patient Access and we will not be able to make changes to access levels for currently registered patients. We are hoping that this will only be for a short period, maybe a couple of weeks.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but these changes were totally outside of our control.

Vincent Poncia

Online appointment booking, prescription requests, test results and accessing medical records

You can use EMIS Patient Access to:

  • Book an appointment online
  • Cancel an appointment online
  • Request a repeat prescription from the list available
  • View test results
  • View your Summary Medical Record

Please note, only prescriptions that are listed in your record as being repeat items will be shown on the website.

Access to medical records

In line with national policy we are now also providing online access to medical records. This facility includes a summary record, medication list, allergies, problems and test results. Only patients aged over 16 will be able to access their medical records (this is to protect the confidentiality of under 16s).

In order to complete your registration to view your medical records online we will require you to come into the practice with photo ID.

Already registered?

Sign into EMIS Patient Access

New to EMIS Patient Access?

You will need to register with Emis Access to use these facilities. You will either need to be given a letter containing your unique log-in details by a Patient Care Navigator or you can register direct online.

Please note: when registering for our online services you will need to enter in the postcode for The Nelson Medical Practice which is SW20 8DA rather than your own postcode.

Register for EMIS Patient Access

How do I use these services?

The first time you use the service you will need to register online. A password will be emailed to you within a few minutes to enable you to login.

You will be prompted for information about the service you are requesting. When you complete the request, the request is sent to the practice.

The practice handles the requests during their normal working day. If you send a request on Friday evening the practice won’t normally see it until Monday morning.

Once the practice has processed your request they will send you a response either acknowledging the request or containing the information you requested.

Is it secure?

This service uses the same level of security as online banks. You should notice a small padlock icon either at the top left of you browser window, or on the lower right. This indicates that all the information is being encrypted to keep it secure.

Only the practice sees the data you are sending. No-one else has access to the information.