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Monthly Archives: November 2021

The Nelson Medical Practice – Update on our current services

Update – November 2021

Please be assured that the practice is open as usual and we want to encourage you to seek support from the surgery if needed, for any reason.

Our reception is staffed by patient care navigators from 7am until 8pm Monday to Friday and is open. We have always offered (and continue to offer) face-to-face appointments to those who want and need them throughout the pandemic. Over recent months we have however seen a significant surge in demand and are currently handling over 1,000 calls on average each day. We are providing over 1800 appointments per week – the majority in person.

We have noted an intermittent problem with the telephone system in that occasionally people are on hold for extended periods of time. We have therefore taken the decision to replace our telephony provider, which we hope will significantly improve the service. We apologise for the inconvenience whilst we do this and appreciate your patience and understanding whilst we make these changes.

We understand call waiting times can be frustrating but ask that you remain patient with our team. You can also you the online symptom checker ‘doctor link’ to access care directly, or use the ‘contact us button’.

Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease remains one of the main causes of death and disability in the UK. There are however many things that you can do to stay healthy, exercising, eating well, not smoking, and monitoring you blood pressure.

Blood pressure remains one of the most important modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease and therefore please do check it! There is a machine in the surgery reception area which you can use and then give the readings to the surgery reception team. Alternatively, you can measure the blood pressure at home www.bihsoc.org and let us know the reading using the contact us button.

Health and well-being coaches

We are really pleased to welcome two health and well-being coaches to the Nelson practice team. both Faiz and Sally are experienced health coaches who can help you work through issues that you may be facing and achieve the targets that you set yourself to improve your overall health. Further information to follow.


Coronavirus rates remain high locally (although thankfully we have not yet seen the number of severe cases noted in the winter) and we ask you to continue to remain cautious. Please be assured that the practice has taken every measure to keep you safe and as a result we may ask that if you have symptoms that could indicate an infectious illness we see in our ‘hot’ room away from the main waiting area.

The symptoms of coronavirus infection are often mild to start with and we ask that if you are at all concerned that you or a relative have coronavirus then please book a formal PCR viral swab via

(lateral flow home tests are NOT sufficiently accurate to exclude coronavirus).

We have seen incredible uptake of the vaccination locally and it is good to see that this is protecting out local population. Your local NHS is delivering the biggest vaccination programme in its history, with over 1,260,000 Covid-19 vaccinations administered across South West London.

Mental health

We recognise the significant mental problems that are facing our patients. We are pleased to announce that two highly experience health and wellbeing coaches have joined the surgery and ae available to support you. If you think this may be of benefit to you then please do mention it to your doctor. Merton Uplift continues to offer access to psychological therapies and you can contact them directly by calling 020 3513 5888. They also run workshops in various areas including “Alcohol, Mood and Emotions”, “Feeling Confident coming out of Lockdown” and “Managing Sleep”. These are arranged through Merton uplift visiting

Weight management

One important aspect of health that has been highlighted by the coronavirus pandemic is management of weight. If you would like to book a consultation about weight management then please speak to our navigators who can direct you to appropriate appointments and resources.